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The goal of OSHAssociation is to provide all professional members with every necessary tool that will enhance and improve their performance at the workplace. Membership is an investment with lots of benefits:

Read the best from OSHAssociation official journal (Safety View Magazine), it is a quarterly publication written by practicing OSH Professionals globally. The journal will always keep you on top of latest trends, best practices, research, regulations and many more! Visit: www.safetyviewmag.com


OSHAssociation membership offers you the conformity to build professional relationship with other professional members globally, via events (local meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.) or online networking (OSHAssociation social media groups).


Members enjoy special discounts on international and local conferences, training, consultancy and services offered by the OSHAssociation worldwide.


Our specialized career group will always be ready to help shape your future in OSH&E career and business, ensuring you remain focused on best practices, and guide you towards your success in the SH&E industry. You can receive mentorship by meeting local chapter offices for face to face guidance. Also assist members in getting their dream job or starting a consultancy in OSH&E industry.


Professional members have the opportunity to upgrade their OSH&E qualifications and earn international recognized certification from OSHAssociation Training Division. Our certification gives our members the opportunity to take responsibilities of creating solutions to safety and health challenges in the industry. Visit training platform: www.oshassociationtraining.com


Membership exposes you to opportunities to network with corporate and individual members in specific areas of expertise in collaboration with international or local regions of your choice. Members can seek accreditation and partnership to promote their businesses and stand out from others in the industry.


For further information for your Corporate and Individual Membership Application, kindly contact membership@oshassociation.org


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