About Us


  • To promote the interest of and foster closer ties and relationships among its members worldwide.
  • To promote development and professional best practices on Occupational Safety and Health service delivery in the industry
  • To carry out advocacy and awareness campaigns on Occupational Safety and Health in the society.
  • To contribute and express its views on all related regulations, policies and legislation on Occupational Safety and Health in any region.
  • To cooperate with public and private corporate bodies with similar aims and objectives in the region and globally.
  • To join leading organizations in the promotion and advancement of occupational safety and health in the societies and industries.
  • To assist in creating easy access to the occupational safety and health information and capacity building that will reduce the cases of fatalities, accidents/injuries in the industry.
  • To empower members with skills and accreditation assistance that promotes enabling platform for learning and professional development in Occupational Safety and Health in the public and private sectors.
  • To focus on our key areas of interest and maintain our Motto “Promoting Safety, Saving Lives”.
  • Ensure that every member abide by the professional ethics of the Association, in the service to humanity.



Occupational Safety and Health Association welcomes everyone who has a passion for safety. The Association is always ready to build partnership and relationship with individuals and corporate organisations that share our vision.



OSHAssociation is in the business of engaging professionals for the purpose of achieving its mission in any country and providing a range of opportunities for our members for professional development and relevant occupational safety and health solutions.



OSHAssociation knows that the outcomes of engaging, partnering and sharing ideas include multiple perspectives which will improve our ability to succeed.



OSHAssociation takes pride in committing to owning up to actions, decisions and obligations. We believe in transparency as well as acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments.


Respect & Integrity:

OSHAssociation earns the trust and confidence of our stakeholders through living up to the right commitments, while recognising and valuing differences and diversity.



We deliver results by setting high standards and goals. We achieve these goals by distinguishing ourselves through passion, persistence, continual improvement, competence and professionalism.

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